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Brian Cox


Brian has over 30 years' experience in identifying, investigating and developing commercial capital investment projects, particularly related to energy and infrastructure.

Brian has a wide range of experience and has worked with a range of organisations including:

  • Government Ministers
  • Government Departments, Regional and Local Government, and agencies
  • Electricity generating, transmission, and network companies
  • Industry associations including Bioenergy and Solar industries
  • Manufacturers and industrial energy users

For a significant period of time Brian was responsible for the identification, technical, and environmental investigation, and securing commercial agreements of business development projects for electricity generation, including obtaining access to land resource consents for the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand Limited (ECNZ). This included site location, community consultation, and quality assurance related to this work.

Relevant project experience
  • Identify commercial energy projects for ECNZ that have a high likelihood of obtaining resource consents, working with local communities, and taking projects to committal phase
  • Identify project, prepare conceptual plans, and obtain all resource and land use consents (including Board of Enquiry) for $400 million, 400 MW gas fired Taranaki Combined Cycle power Station
  • Advising ECNZ on environmental aspects of major investment projects, establishment of environmental policy, and development and management of relationships with local communities affected by potential projects
  • Responsible for identification, technical investigation, and securing commercial agreements of ECNZ business development projects involving wind, cogeneration, bioenergy, wind, hydro, geothermal energy, and total energy services to large industrial customers
  • Preparation of strategy assessments of energy use and supply in the Southland and Tairawhiti Regions
  • Advisor to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the New Zealand Electricity Industry
  • Advice to Government on infrastructural and constructional issues related to major development projects
  • Advice to industrial energy users on energy supply and cost saving initiatives
  • Commercial development of energy initiatives including establishment of stand-alone energy business

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