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Renewable energy

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  • "A Geothermal Persective", EnergyNZ Perspectives 2012 article, Vol6, No1, B White New Zealand Geothermal Association, Dec 2011
  • "Turning up the Heat", EnergyNZ Perspectives 2010 article, Vol4, No1, B White New Zealand Geothermal Association, Dec 2009
  • "Geothermal gathers steam", EnergyNZ Perspectives article, 2008, Issue 4, B White, New Zealand Geothermal Association, Apr 2008
  • "Waters of National Importance - Identification of Potential Hydroelectric Resources", report for Ministry for Economic Development, Jan 2004
Renewable energy
  • "Establishment of a Hot Water Supply company, report, Jun 2009
  • "Ensuring Quality Installation of Solar Water Heating Systems", presentation to Building Officers Institute of NZ Annual Conference, Apr 2008
  • Solar Energy", presentation to 9th Energy Summit, Aug 2007

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